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Smarty Feet

Unicorn Insole

Unicorn Insole

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Do your kids get confused about which foot goes in which shoe? Put a smile on their face (and yours!) with our Unicorn insoles.

Our high-quality, comfortable insoles are designed to help your child learn how to put their shoes on in a fun and engaging way. 

Featuring a bright and colorful unicorn design, these insoles make learning left from right a daily puzzle your child will love solving. Plus, premium arch support will keep little feet happy all day long.

Whether they’re headed to school or playtime, the Unicorn Insoles from Smarty Feet are the perfect way to quickly get them out the door.

Product Features:
  • Easily trimmed to size 
  • High-quality, sweat-resistant materials
  • Arch support promotes healthy development of children’s feet

Sizing Notes: 

  • Extra Small - Fits Shoe Size 8c-10c (Age Guide: 2.5yrs to 4.5yrs)
  • Small - Fits Shoe Size 11c-13c (Age Guide: 4.5 yrs to 6 yrs old)

This is a general guide; each size can be slightly trimmed to fit smaller shoes. The age guide is provided for reference, and the item should be selected on shoe size for a better fit.



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    Customer Reviews

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    Wish I thought of this!!!

    This is one of those things you see and instantly think “how did I not think of this”
    Pretty cool concept, the kids think they are fun and it actually worked to teach them which foot goes in which shoe 👍🏻

    Our Promise

    Smarty Feet insoles come with a full satisfaction guarantee – if they don't help your child learn left from right, we'll give you a refund.

    Our Mission Statement

    As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. At Smarty Feet, we share that same belief and are dedicated to helping your child's feet grow strong and independent with our special insoles. Our insoles offer the necessary cushioning and support for healthy foot development, while also making it fun and easy for kids to learn the difference between left and right. Trust us to give your child the tools they need to tackle new challenges and thrive – try Smarty Feet today and watch their confidence soar.