Smarty Feet was born from hearing moms and dads’ frustrations with their little ones putting shoes on the wrong feet! There were so many home made solutions that just didn’t work – stickers, arrows, paint…all of which left a messy residue on socks or rubbed off with sweat and play. So our solution is simple – a high quality insole with fun designs that makes the process a little less of a headache and more of a puzzle your kids will love! To our surprise it wasn’t just the parents who loved the functionality of our insoles but we noticed each child asked for their favorite design to fit their personality.

  • Smarty Feet are committed to quality for you and your child. We will keep evolving with new designs to keep this learning process fun and that every child has access to their favorite insole to help them learn their rights from lefts!

Learning is part of life, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating or boring. Ninety percent of the information we receive is visual and the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Smarty Feet delivers this in a simple, creative affordable solution to help your child quickly learn left from right.

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