Teach kids to put their shoes on the right way in seconds!!

Step 1: Pick a fun design your kid's will love.

Step 2: Easily trim to size with our size guide.

Step 3: Watch your child learn and grow with Smarty Feet insoles.

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  • As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. At Smarty Feet, we share that same belief and are dedicated to helping your child's feet grow strong and independent with our innovative insoles. Our insoles offer the necessary cushioning and support for healthy foot development, while also making it fun and easy for kids to learn the difference between left and right. Trust us to give your child the tools they need to tackle new challenges and thrive – try Smarty Feet today and watch their confidence soar.

  • Anti-fade design & sweat resistant.

  • Cushioned arch-support.

  • Cut to Size. Fits shoe size 8c-13c

  • 100% machine washable.

Premium Quality

Smarty Feet insoles provide visual cues to help kids recognize the difference between their left and right foot, while also providing cushioning, arch support, and breathability to ensure comfort while wearing them.

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Learning Made Fun

Children can gain independence as they learn to identify which foot is their left or right in an enjoyable way. The fun designs on the insoles help eliminate any frustration associated with traditional methods of learning this task. 

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Collect All The Designs

Our six unique designs serve an important psychological role in helping children transition from feeling frustrated about not being able to differentiate between their feet to feeling a sense of accomplishment due to mastering this simple task.

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